How To Build a Cheap DSLR Canon Video Rig Using Samsung Note 3 as Video Monitor With DSLR Controller

This is an updated version of my older simpler camera rig. This rig is setup to use a shotgun mic, a light and most importantly a samsung galaxy Note 3 as video monitor and controller. All of the settings + starting stopping recording or shooting still images can be done from the phone screen. It also has focus peaking. The screen is 1080p. All of this makes this setup alot more advantageous than a standard video monitor screen 🙂

For all the links where to but the bits and pieces scroll down for info under the video.

Great job from the creators of the DSLR Controller App.

WHERE TO BUY! – since many people are asking what kind of equipment I have listed some below with links to amazon to buy them easily :

DSLR Controller App (need this, check here for info and also find in the google play store):

Mini USB Spring Coiled (this one has a right angle which is much better for the rig ans it stays flush to the camera) Click Here For Price

Opteka X-Grip II (this awesome cheap piece of kit is the backbone of your rig) Click Here For Price

OTG cable (absolutely necessary and super cheap) Click Here For Price

Azden Microphone (Pretty awesome quality for not too high price) Click Here For Price

Phone Holder (screw the top off this and put aside the legs) Click Here For Price

Hotshoe Adapter (to connect to the camera and then screw the phone holder on – slightly different that in my video but this will work perfectly allowing you to tilt the phone screen in any direction)
Click Here For Price

Handle Bracket (to hold the camera and mount a microphone / LED light on ) Click Here For Price

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