How To See Instagram Photos And Videos I Liked

Ok just a simple post on a topic that has baffled me. Why would anyone like any pics on instagram?… Is there any real reason? (Apart from your girlfriend who likes memes as a way of sending indirect messages to you … as long as you see the feed before it expires 😉

I can’t even see the pics i liked before… oh but can I? Well read down to the bottom to find out how.

Instagram is an app that i still see as fairly flawed and pointless… but i have slowly gotten a little sucked into it. There are so many things they could do better and functions they could offer … But they don’t. (praise buddha that they finally allow non square pics… I boycotted instagram for that reason until that point)

They still don’t allow loading photos up from a computer or laptop… Why instagram… Why? Some of us do own cameras that are not mobile phones !!

…Woops sorry for the instarant… Back on topic.

So i finally found how to see all the pics I’ve liked on Instagram… Its a bit hidden (why instagram isn’t int simply another tab om ur feed?)… Oh because that would make logical sense… yep … And folks, remember instagram app was crafted by illogical ‘creative’ folks after all.

Here i will show u how…

1 ) Click on your account tab :

2) Then click on settings at the top right :


3) Then click the posts I’ve liked:


4) And hey presto here are all the pics and video uve liked !


Leave ur comments below if this was useful and if u like or love or loathe instagram. Also I’d like to know what you think they could improve to make it a better experience.

BTW : Let me say that I’m un-following all of u instabuggers who use instagram to solely publish bland selfies of urself and ur pets (unless they are actually creative or u are doing some impressive activities or sports etc)… This is taking me ages because I think instagram tricked me when i signed up into auto following all my facebook friends… Sneaky tactic tsk tsk.

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