Orient Express

orient-express-logo"Sam's been our 'man on the ground' for a couple of shoots now. Be it getting the view of our train as passes over the Wang Po trestle bridge or ground help filming a piece of TV. It's always a pleasure to work with him." - Adrian Hulf, Creative Director | www.orient-express.com

Natalie Lorence

KIM_0100-smallforweb"I've often recommended Sam to my clients due to his professionalism, excellent knowledge of photography and the way he takes on a project as his own. If you are looking for a great photographer - look no further!" - Natalie Lorence, Make-up Artist/Stylist | www.natalielorence.com

Grusha Clothing

logo_mamanonstop_greySQUARE"I can highly recommend Sam. Pleasant person, no stress, puts everybody at ease, but at the same time knows very well what he is doing. Responsible and professional - very refreshing to find somebody like that in Bangkok. Got all my pictures very quickly, all the little changes that I wanted to make were done immediately." - Maria Kuznetsova, Grusha Clothing

Dagadu Media

dagadu"Not only does Sam takes amazing potrait photos that you can really use, he is very professional with what he does and makes you feel 100% looked after, making the photography session loads of fun! I highly recommend Sam D'Cruz" - Grace Lee, Dagadu Media Ltd | www.dagadumedia.com

S-P International

SPI"We were originally going to use industry stock photos for our website redesign but after seeing Sam's work we decided to have him shoot our own products. We were extremely happy with the results and our decision. We would recommend him to any business regardless of their industry." - Bryce Wassersleben, S-P International | www.s-pintl.com


Panraven“Sam's did an absolutely fantastic job for us. His hard work and enthusiasm traveling around on Panraven's behalf resulted in some wonderful photographs. He has a fantastic eye for composition and an intriguing way to depict people. ” – Erin Johnsen, Content Editor, Panraven Inc. “Your photos and insights are both captivating and enlightening” – John Michaeli, Panraven Inc.


IGP-cover“Your work is exceptional (as usual), and the three models you sent were all in the final 10 internationally.” – Stephen Fasano, International Glamour Project

Current Philiosophy

CurrentPhilosophy"Our fashion shoot with Sam went incredibly smooth, fast and tons of great shots of the clothes and handbags. It was pleasure working with Sam and we will be working with him in the future." - Cindy Nguy, Current Philosophy

Illogical Muse Magazine

illogical-muse“…you sent me a package containing some amazing photography. I was impressed with your overall professionalism and the quality of the DVD , Beyond Your Imagination." - Amber Rothrock, Editor, Illogical Muse Magazine

React Communications

react“ You have done a fantastic job with the photos Sam. The photos that will bring this website to life.” – Farah Tyabjee, React Communications