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Hummingbird Media is a project launched by an international team of journalists, photographers and graphic designers based in Copenhagen, Bangkok and Bratislava, working with contributors from around the world. They strive to bring multi-media content reflecting people, environment, development, sustainable and social business and Third sector causes. 2 articles which I wrote whilst working for NGO wildlife conservation projects in Uganda, Africa have been published on Hummingbird Media … [Read more...]

VIDEO : Yoga Paddle Board Adventure, Thailand


See the video of a recent 3 day yoga paddle board adventure shoot in the nature and jungles of Kanchanaburi, Thailand. Yoga on Stand Up Paddle Boards is the latest craze and taking the world of yoga and water sports by storm. Main highlights included the beautiful Erawan Water Falls, various spots along the River Kwai with the local elephants / children and a wonderful sunset just down river from the famous Bridge Over The River Kwai. To see the photo gallery from the 3 day shoot click … [Read more...]

Thailand : Thousands of Red Shirts rally at Aksa Road – Bangkok in support of ousted PM Yingluck Shinawatra


Video shot and edited yesterday of Red shirts Rally at big Aksa Road site to the West of Bangkok. Thousands of Thai government supporters stage their first rally since the prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra was ousted earlier in the week. … [Read more...]

Gun Battle Aftermath – Police Vs Protesters – Bangkok 18th Feb 2014


Filming and photographing the protests ... arrived just too late for the fighting and got shots of the aftermath. So far 4 dead and 64 injured. Police and protesters gun battle. … [Read more...]

Bangkok Protest Videos – Thailand


See below a few of the recent videos I have shot for Ruptly - my client in Berlin, Germany. All of the videos are not shown below as they are not loaded on youtube, but can be see on their website here : www.Ruptly.tv The Bangkok protests are heating up, leader Suthep will 'shut down' the city on Monday 13th January. Check back for more videos soon of the protests plus a special feature I will be shooting on "Prison Fight" - a mixed martial arts fighting tournament which allows actual … [Read more...]

Press Video For Ruptly Agency in Berlin


Was just heading out the door when I got a call from the the agency in Berlin (Ruptly) to get down to government house in Bangkok immediately to get footage of the protesters. They had cut of electricity today to force out the soldiers and were threatening to stop the food supplies. See my video on sale on their homepage by clicking the screenshot below : … [Read more...]

McDonalds Coffee Photo Published In Canadian Marketing Book


I was contacted by McGraw-Hill Ryerson who requested to purchase some of my work to use in a marketing book they were publishing. The photograph is of the large (about 8ft tall) McDonalds Coffee Cup at Vancouver Library, Canada. See the video below. … [Read more...]

Untouched Uganda – Published in Chinese


An article I wrote whilst working on wildlife and environment conservation projects in Eastern Uganda has been recently translated and edited in Chinese and published in a Malaysian Newspaper - United Daily News. It was released in 2 separate parts, in 2 editions on June 6th and June 20th. For the original English version click on the cover to the right. (4 page PDF will open in new window) To view Chinese versions click below. All text translated and edited by Eleanor Ying … [Read more...]



"We used your image for a full page ad in the spanish newspaper El Pais and it was part of our EU -ad campaign on Congo" - Pascal Vollenweider, Avaaz.org … [Read more...]

Yummy Local – Daily Food Blog


A blog have used my photograph from a contract I had photographing McDonalds Coffee Promo's in Vancouver, Canada. http://www.yummylocal.com/deals/mcdonalds-free-coffee-all-day-mar-1-14/ … [Read more...]