How To See Instagram Photos And Videos I Liked

Ok just a simple post on a topic that has baffled me. Why would anyone like any pics on instagram?... Is there any real reason? (Apart from your girlfriend who likes memes as a way of sending indirect messages to you ... as long as you see the feed before it expires ;) I can't even see the pics i liked before... oh but can I? Well read down to the bottom to find out how. Instagram is an app that i still see as fairly flawed and pointless... but i have slowly gotten a little sucked into it. … [Read more...]

Log of Paradis Resort Shoot

Photos from a recent shoot for client Log of Paradis - a wild west style ranch resort in Northern Thailand. The place is rather unique in Asia and even has their own horses. … [Read more...]

Environment – Hummingbird Media – Uganda Articles

Hummingbird Media is a project launched by an international team of journalists, photographers and graphic designers based in Copenhagen, Bangkok and Bratislava, working with contributors from around the world. They strive to bring multi-media content reflecting people, environment, development, sustainable and social business and Third sector causes. 2 articles which I wrote whilst working for NGO wildlife conservation projects in Uganda, Africa were published on Hummingbird Media (which … [Read more...]

PHOTO OF THE DAY : Wild Mushroom

After exploring around Phu Lang Kha National Park on the slipperiest road I have ever experienced, the track was no longer possible by motorbike so I continued a few more km's by foot, hiking deep into the forest. The mountains of Phu Lang Kha is a beautiful natural untouched environment. I happened upon this wild mushroom, click below to enlarge. … [Read more...]

VIDEO : Making Pig Feed in the Burmese Mountains

A short video showing local guy using a machine in his shed making pig feed up in Falam town in the Chin mountains of Western Myanmar. See some still shots below : … [Read more...]

PHOTO OF THE DAY : Mae Sa Waterfall

Managed to get to this waterfall very late in the day after hiking up to the summit of Doi Pui and then motorbiking down some fun dirt tracks from one national park to another. (click image to enlarge) … [Read more...]

How To Build a Cheap DSLR Canon Video Rig Using Samsung Note 3 as Video Monitor With DSLR Controller

This is an updated version of my older simpler camera rig. This rig is setup to use a shotgun mic, a light and most importantly a samsung galaxy Note 3 as video monitor and controller. All of the settings + starting stopping recording or shooting still images can be done from the phone screen. It also has focus peaking. The screen is 1080p. All of this makes this setup alot more advantageous than a standard video monitor screen :) For all the links where to but the bits and pieces scroll down … [Read more...]

PHOTO OF THE DAY : Smoking at Remote Train Station

A charming old guy i met at a very remote railway station called Mae Tan Noi, in a National Park , Northern Thailand … [Read more...]

Models & Motorbikes – Outdoor Photo Shoot

A blistering hot day shooting outside in Thailand at around 40 degrees. The models did a great job and kept their cool and the bikes stayed stationary in the relentless sun. The bikes featured are the Kawasaki Z800, Kawasaki DTracker 300 and Honda CBX500 See some behind the scenes shots and the gallery below of photos from the shoot. … [Read more...]

Cat Hunting Snake

I was in the Mae Taeng jungle / river area in Northern Thailand and happened to come across and photograph a very strange sight. A seemingly domestic young cat in the vegetation had captured a snake. If anyone knows the species and if it is poisonous, please let me know. I quickly took a few pics and then grabbed the cat (who was really just playing with the snake) moving it away from what was a potentially deadly situation as the snake was getting quite agitated and was probably going to … [Read more...]