Log of Paradis Resort Shoot

Photos from a recent shoot for client Log of Paradis - a wild west style ranch resort in Northern Thailand. The place is rather unique in Asia and even has their own horses. … [Read more...]

PHOTO OF THE DAY : Wild Mushroom

After exploring around Phu Lang Kha National Park on the slipperiest road I have ever experienced, the track was no longer possible by motorbike so I continued a few more km's by foot, hiking deep into the forest. The mountains of Phu Lang Kha is a beautiful natural untouched environment. I happened upon this wild mushroom, click below to enlarge. … [Read more...]

Window to the Wild : Wildlife Photography Exhibition

I currently have an exhibition up in Bangkok, Thailand of wildlife photography, titled "Window to the Wild" as part of the Love Wildlife week. The collection is made up of 30 large 30x20 inch prints of animals from various trips to Africa, Australia and Asia. The exhibit is at Chomp Cafe started on August 9th 2014 with no end date set yet but will be up for at least this week. There are also more smaller prints on offer. 50% of all proceeds from any photographs will be donated directly back into … [Read more...]

Botswana Wildlife

A selection of wildlife photographed throughout Botswana, Africa including the Okavango Delta through Moremi National Park and Chobe National Park. … [Read more...]

Wildlife Gallery

A selection of wildlife photographed on various contracts covering Africa, Australasia, North America and Asia. … [Read more...]