How To See Instagram Photos And Videos I Liked

Ok just a simple post on a topic that has baffled me. Why would anyone like any pics on instagram?... Is there any real reason? (Apart from your girlfriend who likes memes as a way of sending indirect messages to you ... as long as you see the feed before it expires ;) I can't even see the pics i liked before... oh but can I? Well read down to the bottom to find out how. Instagram is an app that i still see as fairly flawed and pointless... but i have slowly gotten a little sucked into it. … [Read more...]

How To Take Good Professional Photos From An Aeroplane / Airplane / Plane Window Seat

In an ideal world to get great aerial photos, as a photographer we would command our own private plane or helicopter with removable doors, enabling the best angles, light and location to get the best birdseye shots. However in the real world for most of us this is not possible... We do, however get the chance to take the odd flight for holiday's or business trips. While it is always better to have the least amount of glass between your lens and your subject, some results can still be … [Read more...]