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Hummingbird Media is a project launched by an international team of journalists, photographers and graphic designers based in Copenhagen, Bangkok and Bratislava, working with contributors from around the world. They strive to bring multi-media content reflecting people, environment, development, sustainable and social business and Third sector causes. 2 articles which I wrote whilst working for NGO wildlife conservation projects in Uganda, Africa were published on Hummingbird Media (which … [Read more...]

Namibia Wildlife

A selection of wildlife photographed in Namibia, Africa including Etosha National Park, Sossusvlei Desert, Swakopmung and Walvis Bay. I highly recommend using Chameleon Safaris for excellent value serviced trips all over Namibia aswell as a great guesthouse in Windhoek. … [Read more...]

Botswana Wildlife

A selection of wildlife photographed throughout Botswana, Africa including the Okavango Delta through Moremi National Park and Chobe National Park. … [Read more...]

Wildlife Gallery

A selection of wildlife photographed on various contracts covering Africa, Australasia, North America and Asia. … [Read more...]