Thailand : Thousands of Red Shirts rally at Aksa Road – Bangkok in support of ousted PM Yingluck Shinawatra

Video shot and edited yesterday of Red shirts Rally at big Aksa Road site to the West of Bangkok. Thousands of Thai government supporters stage their first rally since the prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra was ousted earlier in the week. … [Read more...]

Red Shirts Setup Protest Site – Bangkok 5th April 2014

Filming yesterday the Red Shirts' rally kicks off outside Bangkok. Pro-government Red Shirts began arriving at Aksa road in Thewi Wattana, on the outskirts of Bangkok, on Saturday, for a three-day rally in support of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra and against the Constitutional Court ruling annulling the February 2 election. The rally is also expected to meet a counter-protest by the anti-government movement Yellow Shirts. Red Shirts, also known as the United Front for Democracy against … [Read more...]

Bangkok Protests (Feb 2014)

Photos from the recent protests in Bangkok showing smashed up police vehicles after a gun battle between protesters and police forces. For related videos please click here. … [Read more...]

Gun Battle Aftermath – Police Vs Protesters – Bangkok 18th Feb 2014

Filming and photographing the protests ... arrived just too late for the fighting and got shots of the aftermath. So far 4 dead and 64 injured. Police and protesters gun battle. … [Read more...]

Bangkok Protests (Jan 2014)

Photos from the recent protests in Bangkok led by Suthep. For related videos please click here. … [Read more...]

Bangkok Protest Videos – Thailand

See below a few of the recent videos I have shot for Ruptly - my client in Berlin, Germany. All of the videos are not shown below as they are not loaded on youtube, but can be see on their website here : The Bangkok protests are heating up, leader Suthep will 'shut down' the city on Monday 13th January. Check back for more videos soon of the protests plus a special feature I will be shooting on "Prison Fight" - a mixed martial arts fighting tournament which allows actual … [Read more...]

Protesters Destroy Barriers at Government House in Bangkok, Thailand | DEC 9TH 2013

After marching from various points in Bangkok, Thai people come together at Government House. Protesters swarm over and destroy concrete barriers to make their voice heard. Tan Khun sings as he advances, Tri Rong takes over speaking to the Suthep supporters giving a clear message to the Shinawatra family at the Government House gates. Celebrations after earlier in the day hearing that Yingluck Shinawatra has dissolved parliament and called an election. This video is for sale. To use … [Read more...]