Capturing Flight: Two Simple Tips in Photographing Birds

If sports photography compels knowing the vantage points to capture speedy athletes and requires a purchase of expensive telephoto lenses covering longer distances, then capturing the more sensitive birds may prove to be more difficult. Aside from photographing paranoid subjects, freezing the on-the-flight motion with the right focus is a fiddly task. It may even lead to numbed limbs and arms while you wait for that decisive moment. So if you’re a beginner in this field, here are two simple tips to help encapsulate the image.

Invest in the right equipment

While prime lenses like your Canon or Nikon 50mm already work perfectly for domesticated birds or perhaps for friendly pigeons who are unafraid to mingle with people, capturing these animals in their natural habitat is a little tricky. See, ordinary lenses won’t help you stay aloof while a Belted Kingfisher is on the prowl for lunch. You need to invest in a telephoto lens to keep the natural setting undisturbed. 75-300 mm lenses are already good for the novice, but remember to anchor the camera’s body with a monopod or tripod since a simple shake leads to a blurry picture.

Practice patience

Patience is always a photographer’s best friend. This is very much needed for capturing your decisive image. It would be best to camp on the location site early and scout on bird nests. You may also want to bring a friend to help you set up your gear or your tent. Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do like turning your tent into a pseudo casino and try to ease your mind before the actual shoot. You can always bring some cards so you can play a round of blackjack or perhaps a game of solitaire. And of course, you can always use your phone to log-in to sites like A simple round of casino games could help you distress and keep your focus sharpened before an early morning shoot. This is also a good way to unwind, in case you want to take a break while waiting for your subjects to appear and make a move. You’ll be surprised as to how casino games could easily calm your mind and improve your reflexes.

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