Collection of photographs from Phetchaburi Province in Thailand. Includes historical areas in the Phetchaburi town itself aswell as the Had Chao Samran beach / coastal area and some of the traditional salt farms in the province. … [Read more...]

Canon 6D vs Sony NEX 6 – High ISO Noise Test (1600 & 3200)

Everyone knows that the full frame sensor of the Canon's all perform exceptionally well at high ISO's (in some online tests I have seen the Canon 6D even beat the 5D mark 3, though very marginally - contact me if you want the video I saw of this) The question here is how does the Sony NEX 6 with the smaller sensor stack up to currently one of the best in the business, the Canon 6D ? I decided to shoot comparisons: same lighting conditions, same subject, same camera settings and as close to … [Read more...]

Crazy Eye Craziness

A few modified shots of a feminine eye. Playing around with with some digital artistic photoshop techniques. Original Image … [Read more...]

Is this very silly or not?… Six Years of Self Portraits

Six Years of Daily Self Portraits… With the Lens Cap On - Is this the most ridiculous photography project ever? What do you think? … [Read more...]


Collections of product photography from various clients. … [Read more...]