Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Creative Suite – Subscription Only! Good or Bad Idea?

As a professional photographer aswell as building loads of websites, I heavily use on a daily basis – Adobe Photoshop, Light Room and occasionally Premiere Pro for editing client’s promo video’s.
Today, I happened to come across some interesting news told by Jared Polin of Fro Knows Photo….

Adobe will no longer sell their software in the normal way, i.e. you buy it, install it and its yours forever. From now they will be running a subscription system (called “Creative Cloud”) whereby you have to pay monthly for the use of the software, if you stop paying… you stop using…

When your computer is online, the software checks automatically if you have paid and also updates with the latest version.

Im sure there are some of you running Adobe Photoshop CS2 quite happily even years after it has been outdated with new software. If you have not needed to spend out more money on and upgrade – why should you?

From the sounds of things this new system is going to be pretty costly and only really viable if you use the software for you business. Enthusiasts and occasional Users will be heavily out of pocket…

The new system is also designed to stop people pirating the software – are you one of those who see this as a negative?

Check out what Jared has to say on the matter in his informative video.

Are you FOR or AGAINST this new strategy by Adobe? I would love to hear… leave your answer and reason why (in comments below, or click “leave a comment” at top right) OR on my facebook page


  1. I think Adobe will be losing a lot of users… what if I am on holiday and decide to have my team do all the design work… I won’t need to use the software and I still need to pay this expensive monthly fee… hmmm…

    • Sam D'Cruz says

      Thanks for your view’s Grace. A very valid point you put forwards. Actually it seems that the login ID can be used on any and as many computer’s as you wish. So this could even open up to several user’s using the same login ID (therefore spreading the cost). Quite possibly, the software will have something built in to recognize this is happening or limit it only one version running at a time…

      What about people in developing parts of the world where economy is lower. A struggling pro photographer may be not even making enough to pay for his living costs and suddenly an extra bill of $20 a month (for software that he must have to do his work) would finish his business off…

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