F1.0 Madness – Sony NEX With Metabones Speedbooster And Canon 50mm F1.4

Sony NEX With Speedbooster + Canon 50mm F1.4 (F1.0)

Sony NEX With Speedbooster + Canon 50mm F1.4 (F1.0)

I usually shoot with the Canon pro bodies, however as some of you may already know, I picked up a Sony NEX mirrorless camera not long ago.

I invested in a metabones speed booster adapter which not only allows all Canon EF lenses to be mounted, but also gives an extra F stop! This means, mounting my Canon 50mm F1.4 makes the F1.4 lens become an F1.0 ! – creating some pleasing bokeh.

I have been surprised by how incredibly sharp the lens is even wide open at F1.0. Focus is the hard part due to the razor thin depth of field. It certainly makes you work hard for each shot, but when the focus is nailed the results are well worth the effort.

The following shots were taken either at F1.0 or F1.1, all with manual focus. Shots are strictly copyrighted, if anyone wants high res originals for further analysis, contact me.


  1. Nice shots! Wondering if the focusing was done solely through the viewfinder or via the LCD screen? I have a NEX-5 and wonder if it’s worth the trouble trying to focus via Focus Peaking on the LCD.


    • Sam D'Cruz says

      Hey Juan. The shots were all taken on manual focus. Actually, I use the peaking, but even use the magnify option to the maximum so I can check carefully the in focus parts. It was a combination of using the screen and using the viewfinder.

      The viewfinder is extremely useful when its bright out and I think probably about 75% of the shots were taken using the viewfinder. I would really recommend the add-on viewfinder for your NEX5 – i tested it in the Sony centre and it really is great. (Expensive though – by the time you buy it, it takes the overall cost of the NEX5 + viewfinder to more than the NEX6). I would not bother with the cheaper optical viewfinder.

      Here is some more info http://sonyalphalab.com/sony-a.....-and-more/

      Let me know if you have any other questions, cheers

  2. Lawrence siow says

    Would the Camera Len with IS work with this metabone speed booster on the NEX6?

    Thank you

    • Sam D'Cruz says

      Hey Lawrence. The metabones does support IS and it works great on all my Canon lenses that have it. It is another major reason to get an adapter like this rather than the cheaper ones which don’t support aperture control or IS

  3. Lawrence siow says

    Thank Sam for your shift reply 🙂 Now this NEX is really getting interesting for me. By the way yours is a NEX5 or NEX6? I just cannot download the program from Sony website where I can use my iphone to trigger my NEX6. I had called Sony Malaysia, which Sony reply was my country Malaysia does not support this function at the moment! This is crazy, I dun understand why this function in USA can be use, why not Malaysia? Do you got any idea which i can overwrite this? Thank you

    By the way nice pics u got there 🙂

    • Sam D'Cruz says

      Hi Lawrence. I use the NEX6 – howere the NEX5R works in exactly the same way with the Metabones adapter, also both the NEX6 and NEX5r have identical image sensors. The major difference is the NEX6 has a built in viewfinder and built in flash and the NEX5r has a touch screen.

      Regarding the software, I actually had a problem downloading skype for Android when I was in another country – I ended up downloading the file to my PC from a website and then copying to the phone and installing. You could search the software online and download the app file manually like that, then copy to phone… Not sure why they would limit apps in certain countries… very strange. Good luck.

      – would be interesting to see which model you get and the adapter, feel free to post some images of the gear you buy on my facebook page.

  4. Janell Dowd says

    Hey there! I’ve been following your website for a while now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Kingwood Texas! Just wanted to tell you keep up the fantastic job!


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