Protesters Destroy Barriers at Government House in Bangkok, Thailand | DEC 9TH 2013

After marching from various points in Bangkok, Thai people come together at Government House. Protesters swarm over and destroy concrete barriers to make their voice heard. Tan Khun sings as he advances, Tri Rong takes over speaking to the Suthep supporters giving a clear message to the Shinawatra family at the Government House gates. Celebrations after earlier in the day hearing that Yingluck Shinawatra has dissolved parliament and called an election. This video is for sale. To use … [Read more...]

High Key Studio Shoot in Bangkok For Japanese Cosmetics Company

I had a short hectic trip to Hong Kong for some commercial shoots (virtual tour's, photography and video - updates coming soon). I landed back in Bangkok, got back to my apartment around midnight and was up at 6am to do another shoot. This shoot was for Capreve, a Japanese cosmetics company who had come to shoot a promotional video in Bangkok. I was taking care of the high key studio shoot of the model for their promo print material. See the video below : … [Read more...]

Grusha Clothing

"I can highly recommend Sam. Pleasant person, no stress, puts everybody at ease, but at the same time knows very well what he is doing. Responsible and professional - very refreshing to find somebody like that in Bangkok. Got all my pictures very quickly, all the little changes that I wanted to make were done immediately." - Maria Kuznetsova, Grusha Clothing … [Read more...]

Exclusive Fashion

An exclusive new high end clothing line. The photo shoot was located at the residence of the Portugese Ambassador within the Portugese Embassy in Bangkok on the shore of Chao Phraya River. The shoot features the ambassador himself along with his wife, his son and another young female model who was casted in. The driveway of the property had one of the coolest trees I have ever seen! … [Read more...]